To: Prospective Buyers

From: The Button Gal


Hello, and thank you for the opportunity to tell you more about The Button Gal!


My name is Debra Hutchings. I am the owner of The Button Gal, and create custom themed merchandise to buy, sell, and fundraise. Our merchandise is ideal if you are looking for fun and unique products to sell in your retail locations or at your next fundraising event. Our themes include Pride, The Arts, STEM, Animals, Sports, and Hobbies (with more planned). We currently have 19 collections with 100's of designs - each with a popular catch phrase, and our unique and copyrighted designed backgrounds and graphics.

Since relocating from Ottawa to Oakville (and no longer printing and manufacturing retail orders in-house), we are now solely focusing on wholesale orders of our pinback buttons, along with other featured merchandise that we may offer wholesale from time to time. We offer favorable wholesale margins, as well as large volume pricing for larger retailers and fundraising groups.

Our themed pinback buttons are 'fun' point-of-purchase novelty items for on or near your checkout counters. With our newly designed button boxes, you can grab your customers' attention and increase their basket size, while improving their shopping experience with our ‘fun to collect’ buttons! Our buttons are a 'fun fit' for many types of retail locations, i.e., specialty boutiques, gift shops, sports shops, pet shops, hobby shops, museum gift shops, as well as fundraising events, classroom activities, and more.

As our wholesale grows, our resellers will be listed on the Retail Options page of our website and promoted on a regular basis on all our social media. Our focus will be to continually promote all our resellers to help drive up their retail sales, thus also growing our wholesale.

Please reach out if you have any questions or require any further information about our button collections. We are looking forward to fulfilling a wholesale order for you soon, as well as welcoming you as one of our newest resellers!

Warmest regards,

The Button Gal