Retail Options

Locations and links to find our merch! 

Call or visit a Retail Merchant who is reselling our products.

Canadian Resellers

United States Resellers

Call or attend an event of a Fundraising Group who is reselling our products to raise funds.

None at this time

Place an order with one of our sister sites selling select merchandise using our copyrighted designs.

Coming soon!

Visit any of our online (print-on-demand) marketplace shops which offer a variety of merchandise using our designs.



Art of Where




Visit any of our online marketplace shops where we are selling a selection of our products.


​Not all our products/designs are offered by our Resellers. Our Resellers and Fundraising Groups choose what merchandise they wish to offer to their customers. Our online (print on demand) marketplace shops, and our sister sites offer our designs on a variety of products that we may not offer to our Retail Merchants at this time. In some cases, our online (print on demand) marketplace shops offer products that we have not yet found a third-party wholesale fulfillment option. If you are interested in wholesale quantities of one of our designs on a product that we do not offer on The Button Gal website at this time, please contact us and we will do our best to find a fulfillment option.