Reseller Info

Looking forward to welcoming you as a reseller!

We offer retail merchants and fundraising groups wholesale pricing, along with the opportunity to be promoted by us as a reseller of our custom designed merchandise on our sites, as well as our social media.

The Button Gal merchandise is ideal if you are looking for fun and unique products to sell in your retail locations or at your next fundraising event.

Reselling our custom buttons is now easier with our Point-of-Purchase (POP) packaging. Each collection is packaged in our newly designed 120-pc button boxes (assorted or custom). We can also package in sealed poly bags, with a Kwik Lok clip for easy resealing if requested.

A reseller account is required for all retail merchants and fundraising groups planning to resell any of our custom designed merchandise and will be auto created upon receipt of your initial wholesale order. This enables us to keep track of where our copyrighted merchandise is being sold. Permission to resell our custom merchandise is granted on each wholesale invoice for the specific merchandise purchased.

The Button Gal merchandise is offered to resellers at wholesale pricing, set with MSRPs to provide favorable operating margins. Consignment is not an available option. Our standard shipping policy applies to all reseller orders.

Large volume pricing is also available upon request. For all large volume resellers, we will discuss your merchandise selection, your anticipated order volumes, determine your wholesale discount, and pre-assign you a Reseller ID, which will ensure that your discount is applied to all your orders during checkout.

All resellers will be listed on our Retail Options page for customers looking at where to buy our custom merchandise. The list will include your business (or fundraising group) name, with a logo and/or link to your website (if applicable), and which collection(s) you are reselling. If you do not have a website, alternate contact information will be included.

We will also support your shop with some love and shout-outs on our sites, as well as our social media while your reseller account is active.

Let us help you grab your customers' attention and increase their basket size, while improving their shopping experience with our fun to collect pinback buttons!