Happy you are here!

Hello and thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little bit better!

Here at the Button Gal, we create custom themed merchandise to buy, sell, and fundraise.

Our merchandise is ideal if you are looking for fun and unique products to sell in your retail locations or at your next fundraising event.

Our themes include Pride, The Arts, STEM, Animals, Sports, and Hobbies (with more planned).

We currently have 19 collections with 100's of designs - each with a popular catch phrase, and our unique and copyrighted designed backgrounds and graphics.

This is the home for our wholesale buttons, and other featured merchandise that we may offer wholesale from time to time.

We also offer multiple retail options for our retail customers. Our merchandise is available from Retail Merchants who are reselling our products, Fundraising Groups who are reselling our products to raise funds, our sister companies who sell select merchandise using our copyrighted designs, and our online (print-on-demand) marketplace shops which offer a variety of merchandise using our copyrighted designs.

Looking forward to fulfilling your wholesale orders soon!

Debra, The Button Gal


Fun fact: Our buttons were originally branded 'Fun Buttons' in our former print shop and were created solely as a 'fun' fundraising item. Our first collections were Soccer and Hockey, for teams to sell as a fundraiser during their tournaments. Over the years, we have been asked to add many other 'fun' collections and hope to continue for many more.

Not so fun fact: The Button Gal wholesale was just about to officially launch when the pandemic hit, and everything went into lockdown. We decided to temporarily close and hold off our launch with so many unknowns at that time. We are pleased that we are back to business and now working hard to make up for the lost time!