Brand Ambassadors

Referral Reward Program

We offer individuals the opportunity to become Brand Ambassadors. You can earn commission-based income with our Brand Ambassador Referral Reward Program by promoting our custom button boxes (and other featured merchandise that we may offer wholesale from time to time) to prospective Resellers - retail merchants and organizations (including fundraising groups).

It is free to register and there is no direct selling involved. It's easy ... just spread the word, and your promotion code -- the more you refer, the more you can potentially earn!
We offer a Referral Reward of 20% of the base amount of each new order that is received by a retail merchant or organization (including a fundraising group) as a result of your marketing efforts, and 10% for all future orders from the same Reseller.

Brand Ambassadors can use their websites, blogs, social media, and other platforms, to promote The Button Gal. Other referral opportunities include social gatherings, school activities, church meetings, and more.

It is important to understand that all Brand Ambassadors must abide by the anti-spam laws of both Canada and the United States, as applicable - which prohibits the sending of e-mails and texts without the recipient's consent (permission).

To help you promote our custom button boxes (and other featured merchandise that we may offer wholesale from time to time) and increase your earnings, we have created Our Marketing Kit - located on our homepage, as well as in our footer. General branded tools, i.e. banners, links, logos, wholesale line sheets, etc. will be placed in Our Marketing Kit. Account specific branded tools, i.e. personalized digital Brand Ambassador cards, etc. will be delivered to you directly. See Our Marketing Kit for contents.

Registering as a Brand Ambassador does not create an employee/employer relationship, agency, partnership or joint venture between The Button Gal and the Brand Ambassador. Brand Ambassadors are not, and shall not represent themselves to be, employees, agents, or representatives of The Button Gal. Brand Ambassadors are responsible for reporting and paying (and will indemnify and hold The Button Gal harmless from) all local, provincial, territorial, federal, and other taxes with respect to the Brand Ambassador's income from referral payments.

Brand Ambassadors cannot use the program for their own purchases. The program has been set up as a referral rewards program and is not intended to be a discount strategy for a Brand Ambassador's own orders.

Referral reward payouts are paid quarterly (unless otherwise agreed), and are calculated on base sales -- prices paid by the customer, less shipping (including handling, packaging, insurance), taxes (import duties, taxes, and fees, if applicable), refunds, and credits.
We will review all accounts on a regular basis, and if we deem a Brand Ambassador's account to be inactive, the account will be cancelled, and no further referral reward payouts processed.
Individuals must register to become a Brand Ambassador using our Brand Ambassador registration form (emailed to you upon request). Upon receipt of the completed registration form, we will contact you to discuss how you plan to promote our custom merchandise and set up your referral reward payout plan.

You will be assigned a Brand Ambassador ID (a promotion code) to provide to the retail merchants and organizations (including fundraising groups) you make a connection with. They will receive $10 off each of their online orders when applied to their shopping cart during checkout. This code will also be used for tracking your referrals to ensure that you are rewarded for each sale.

​​The above Referral Reward Program applies to orders placed directly with The Button Gal through our website to Resellers (wholesale). Does not apply to our online (print on demand) marketplace shops, or our sister sites. Our Resellers have their own referral reward programs.